Halloween is just around the corner! Here are some hauntingly healthy Halloween treats that are quick and easy to prepare!

Clementine Pumpkins

This Halloween themed treat is nutritious and super simple to prepare. Simply peel some clementines and cut up some small pieces of celery. Stick a piece of celery into the center of the clementine so that it sticks out of the top. Done! This cute little treat will help you encourage your child to eat healthy and still keep with the spirit of Halloween!

Banana Ghosts

Spooooky banana ghosts are always children’s favourite during the Halloween season! All you need is some bananas and dark chocolate chips. Cut the bananas in half and place the flat end down on a plate. Take three chocolate chips and stick them into the banana so that the pointy edge is in the banana and the flat edge is facing outwards. Place two chocolate chips side by side, with a little space between them, and place the third underneath, creating a triangle formation. Your Halloween ghosts are now ready to eat!

Apple Bites

Cut an apple in four and then remove the middle of the apple slice so that the apple will look like an open mouth. Take slivered almonds and stick them all around the open end of the apple slice, to make it look like teeth. Finally, spread jam inside to look like a tongue. This snack is the scariest of them all!

Pizza Mummies

Pizza mummies only require a few simple ingredients. English muffins to use as the base, pizza sauce, shredded cheese and olives. Cut all the English muffins and spread them on a baking sheet. Spread the pizza sauce on them and sprinkle the cheese in diagonal strips to look like a mummy. Place two olives on the top to look like eyes. Bake the mummies until the cheese is melted and enjoy!