Valentine’s Day Baking!


Baking is an activity the whole family can participate in together! It is also very educational as children can practice measuring ingredients. Use your favourite recipes to bake sugar cookies and cupcakes. You can find edible decorations at almost any grocery store or dollar store in your area. The visit to the store can also be a fun family outing! Pick out some red and pink icing and love-themed sprinkles and allow your child to decorate your cupcakes or cookies. A fun and delicious activity the whole family can enjoy-and eat-together!


Valentine’s Day Craft!


Pinterest is a great resource to find creative crafts your children can enjoy! One of our favourites is the “Heart Bouquet”. If your child is comfortable using scissors, allow them to cut out hearts using different coloured construction paper.  If they are not comfortable cutting, you can do this step for them! They can decorate the hearts using markers, crayons, stickers, etc. Glue the hearts on a piece of pink or red construction paper in a bouquet-like arrangement. Draw a stem with a green marker, coming from each flower! As an optional, added touch you can create a bow with a ribbon and glue it on the stems. This is a create crafts that is well-loved by children of all ages!


Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt!


The isles of many grocery stores and dollar stores are filled with Valentine’s Day candy, chocolate, toys, art supplies and cards! Pick up a few of your child’s favourite and hide them around the house. Create a list they can easily understand of all the items you have hidden. Allow them to go around the house finding the items. They can then spend some time enjoying the items they have found! This is an engaging and surprising activity your children will love this Valentine’s Day.


Enjoy these activities as a family and make this Valentine’s Day extra special! We hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day!